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Workwear Wardrobe

Good evening girls!

Happy Friday!

I got fantastic feed back from my last blog post so I was delighted. I also got a good few requests on creating a workwear capsule wardrobe. I thought that this was a great suggestion & the perfect follow up from last weeks blog post.

Workwear Wardrobe doesn't need to be complicated & you don't need too many pieces. Depending on what you work at off course.

I created 10 outfit ideas out of 12 pieces of clothing & there is plenty of other options to add to it. This would be ideal for someone working in an office, teaching or something similar. When creating workwear outfits for my clients, I always tend to ask if they mix their workwear with casual weekend pieces. It's not a big deal if they do, it actually makes things easier because I know the pieces I choose will work in many different ways.

Here are the items I have chosen;

Style Tip: A suit is a great place to start when creating a workwear capsule wardrobe. It's professional, versatile & stylish.

Here are 10 outfit ideas that I have created with these items;

Here is some style inspo for workwear outfits with similar pieces.

I hope you enjoyed this post.

Love E x

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