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I contacted Edita a number of months ago as, despite having a wardrobe full of clothes, I kept wearing the same (comfortable) items which were no longer stylish nor particularly suited me and I just felt in a style rut.

I had been following Edita on Instagram for ages and loved the way she put pieces together and the fact that, in the main,they were casual outfits.

As I have 3 young children and my own business, which involves a lot of running around, comfort was key. So I contacted Edita to explain my dilemma and ask if she could help.

I told her the colours I like, a bit about my lifestyle etc. and she came back to me within a number of days with a capsule wardrobe and umpteen visuals on how to wear the various combinations. I was absolutely blown away. She had NAILED it.

She also included a full list of where I could purchase the items from & included direct links, which made it super easy.

I couldn't recommend Edita enough, she has a great eye and is fantastic to deal with.

Siobhan, Kerry (online PS)

I recently had a morning appointment shopping with Edita.

I had lost confidence in myself after a relationship breakdown and I am also a busy mum to three.I felt I didn't know what suited me & that I had nothing in my wardrobe. I was tired of buying clothes & not wearing them.

Edita is a true professional, I learned so much about my shape & what colours suited me. She picked out beautiful items for me to try & an amazing colour coat that I would never have picked myself. I have got so many compliments on this one item alone. She also followed up after with an email listing my colours, my shape & all the items bought and included pictures of how to wear them. 

I have a family occasion in February & will be booking Edita again.

I highly recommend her services.


Sinead, Galway  

I have known Edita for years & always admired her style & knowledge on all things fashion.

Recently I felt like I have lost a sense of who I am especially when it came to buying clothes. I had a full wardrobe of newly bought items but no outfits to wear. I work in retail & deal with customers on a daily basis so looking stylish & put together was my goal.

At the time of my appointment with Edita I was pleasantly surprised how time efficient she was & how quickly she created so many different outfits out of a couple of pieces. She stayed within my budget too which was a bonus. I would highly recommend booking a styling session with Edita.

Claire, Galway 

I have used Edita's online styling service to create a work capsule wardrobe. Im in an office role so I needed outfits that were comfortable, practical yet stylish. I found the process very easy & was delighted with almost everything she had chosen for me. Edita sent me links for every items listed and that was the best part, that I could shop from the comfort of my own home.

Alison, Limerick (online PS)

What can I say, Edita has been an absolute blessing to my life... my views on fashion has considerably changed and not to mention my vision of putting together outfits and getting use out of all my clothes and not wearing the same clothes in the same way week in and week out. 

I struggled the most when it came to work attire. She showed me clever ways to style my outfits and there is no limit when it comes to her fashion creativity.

I would highly recommend Edita, she focus on what the client wants & comes up with fantastic ways to style the individual. She adds so much creativeness to her style tips and advice and offers an amazing customer service. She's so bubbly yet so professional at the same time. My shopping experience with her was very enjoyable & I am already looking forward to my next appointment.

Maria, Galway

I had an appointment with Edita for occasion wear & I was happy with her service.

Mary, Athlone

Thanks so much Edita for my personal shopping experience. I really enjoyed it from start to finish. From the chat & cuppa before hand, analysing what colours suit my skin tone, then the actual shopping itself.

I tried on clothes that I'd never dream of trying on by myself and was so surprised that they suited me. All the clothes I bought, Edita advised me on how I could style each and every item in a different way ensuring I got the most out of the pieces i purchased. I love feeling good in all the new gear, and any new clothing I've bought since then I've matched them with the bits I got with Edita. Not only did Edita do a once off shopping experience with me, but she has thought me how to look at clothes in a different way and to ensure I get the most out of my new wardrobe.

Thank you so much for everything, I highly recommend you to every lady out there. Definitely 10/10.

Niamh, Galway

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