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Beauty products I love!

Hi ladies!

Apologies for going a bit quite on the blog and on my Instagram lately. I honestly dont really have an excuse other than the fact that life just gets in the way sometimes. Two small kids and I am sure any other mums could relate, it's very busy. I look at it this way, the blog is only a hobby for me to keep myself sane and to share my love for fashion & style, my real title and number one job is and always will be, being the best mum I can be to my two gorgeous girls because they grow so unbelievable fast and these precious moments that I share with them on a daily basis are so much more important than any job/blog.

Ok, I don't even know why this is turning into a soppy post but anyways, to get to the point, I have been using some new products of lately and I absolutely love some of them. To give you a proper review and a recommendations, I did not jump into writing this post too quickly. I gave myself with some of these products at least 3 months to really know what i think of them and now I have 10 of my favourite products to share with you all. They range anything from toothpaste to setting sprays so I hope you enjoy reading this post.

1: Spotlight White Paste - a couple of weeks ago I was kindly sent their full range of products and oh my god, I fell head over heels in love with this product. The toothpaste is like no other and trust me, I have tried and tested my fair share of whitening toothpaste that some cost a fortune but never actually worked, well not as well as this one. The best part about spotlight products is that it is designed and made by two stunning Irish dentists that are from Galway City. This paste does exactly what its suppose to do and if using it along side the whitening strips, this duo will give you that hollywood smile without breaking the bank. Honestly, I will never use any other toothpaste again unless these ladies bring out another one to the market that is even better.

Spotlight Teeth White Paste - buy here

Spotlight Teeth White Strips - buy here

2: Trilogy Cleansing Oil - I am obsessed with this product. I started using it back in August and it has completely changed my opinion on some other products I had used in the past. Trilogy is all natural cosmetics and their products are simply amazing. I had the worst skin with my last pregnancy and was so worried about making it worse by starting to use new products. I came across this and knew that with no chemicals and all natural ingredients, it is bound to make my skin better, not worse. It removes even waterproof mascara with no rubbing and is so gentle on the skin plus it lasts ages as a little goes a long way.

Trilogy Rosehip Cleansing Oil - buy here

3: Acne Out 3 step kit - As I mentioned above, my skin played serious havoc while pregnant and after my pregnancy, I spent hundreds on expensive facials and products and it only made things worse. It had gotten so bad that I just didn't know what to do anymore. I had heard so many great things about this brand and the reviews were amazing so I decided to give it ago as at the end of the day, I had nothing to lose. It definitely is worth the hype and it really helped my skin fast and it's not one of those quick fix products and the best part is, it's so affordable. To make things clear, I did end up going on some topical antibiotics for ten weeks as thats how bad things were but I truly believe that the antibiotics along with Acne Out worked their magic and within a couple of weeks, I finally, after months, had great skin again. It's a 3 step kit but honestly, the Active Lotion is not in daily use at all. I don't even use that at all anymore unless an unwanted friend makes an appearance on my face which now days is rare. You can buy the products as a kit or separately.

Acne Out 3 Step Kit - buy here

4: Alfaparf Shampoo & Conditioner - I purchased these two in the middle of the summer and totally fell in love with them. I love that the conditioner is a leave in treatment and I can honestly recommend them both. It left my hair super soft and they smell amazing too.

Alfaparf Semi Dilino Shampoo - buy here

Alfaparf Semi Dilino Conditioner - buy here

5: Trilogy Rosehip Oil Antioxidant - this is one of my favourite skincare products since the day I started using it. This especially was amazing while I was away on holidays as it made my skin super soft and nourished. I use it under my moistriser or just on its own sometimes.

Trilogy Rosehip Oil - buy here

6: PS Glow setting spray - this is super cheap but I actually really like it. It's great over your make up or to spray on to your make up brush or sponge. It doesn't stink like some setting sprays do and for €5, you cant go wrong. (it also comes in a matte version and another one too)

Avalable in most Penneys/Primark stores.

7: Dermalogica Superfoliant - I have a love hate relationship with this brand. I find whatever it is, my skin reacts to the skin care really well and only a couple of weeks down the line, it stops working for me. I dont know what that reason is but this is the only dermalogica product that I absolutely love. I use it once a week and omg it leaves my skin feeling amazing. Super clean, super soft and with this amazing glow. I got this little sample bottle ages ago and it's still half full so a little goes a very long way.

Dermalogica Daily Superfoliant - buy here

8: Joico Daily Shine & Protect Spray - I was kindly gifted this along side some other Joico products by one of Galways top hair salons, 'Ritz'. I am a huge fan of Joico products and always have been and this treatment milk is just simply brilliant. It smells amazing and makes my hair shiny, tangle free and so soft. I for sure will be buying this again.

Joico Daily Shine & Protect Spray - buy here

9: Dove Derma Spa Body Lotion - I am a huge fan of anything that smells delicious but this product is on another level. It makes my skin super soft and supple and has a strong perfume smell to it, obviously if that's not your thing, it wouldn't be for you.

Derma Spa Body Lotion - available in most supermarkets

10: Nivea Eye Make up Remover - this product is like a dupe for the Lancome eye make up remover for a fraction of the price. It basically is the same thing you shake it up to mix the ingredients and it just removes even waterproof mascara with one gentle swipe across you eyelid. For under a fiver, I am pretty impressed and I already re-purchased it.

Nivea Double Effect Eye Make up Remover - buy here

I hope you enjoyed this post.

Love E x

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