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Traveling with a baby!

Hi lovelies,

Hope you are all having a lovely Monday !

It took me ages but I finally managed to get a bit of time to write this requested post.

We recently went on our first sun holiday as a family of four & had the best time ever. I know that traveling with kids sometimes seems scary no matter what age they are, never mind with a 3 month old. I got quite a few messages from my followers requesting any tips on traveling with a young infant so I just decided to do a blog post on it. This was our 3rd holiday with Aidah and I can honestly say that the three times we took her away with us, it went as smoothly as we could hoped for. We were just a bit concerned how it was gonna go bringing a 3 month old too.

To tell you the truth, both of our kids are pretty relaxed and don’t cry often and I suppose that gives us that bit of reassurance that it is not gonna be hard bringing them on a plane and so on. At the same time, every trip could be different the same way every child is different so all I can say is, just be prepared. So to go back to the most asked question; tips for bringing a young baby. This is just what we did and what worked for us, it is by no means what all parents should do and I can’t say it would work for every single baby.

1: Flights - when booking your flight, really think about the time of traveling, flight and your baby’s routine. I think as parents, this is the best thing you can do. Try not to just book the cheapest flight if it’s in the middle of the night, think about the fact that you will have to wake your baby and disturb his or her routine and that right there will be a start to a bad day. For me personally, the best way to travel is knowing that our routine will not go straight out the window the min we need to go. We booked a morning flight which was at 10.30 that meant we would have a normal wake up time in the morning and by the time we get to the airport & on the plane, it would be time for her bottle and nap (I know this is not always possible but my tip is try your best to suit your routine). There is nothing better than your baby sleeping through most of the flight.

2: Take off & Landing- always try and give your child a bottle to drink or food to chew on when the plane is going up or landing. This means that their jaw will be moving and they will not feel their ears popping as much & sometimes not at all (This goes for any age from birth to kids as old as you want).

3: Toys - bring new toys, for very young babies, new bright rattlers or toys that make noise. For older babies, bring something that you know they will love but haven’t seen it before. That will take their attention for a lot longer than something they play with all the time at home.

4: Ipad/ Tablet - this is probably for babies that are a bit older and the ones that like watching a bit of tv. Download their favourite movies or baby/kids tv shows. Netflix works with no wifi if downloaded prior your trip. Dave & Ava app also works without WiFi.

5: Activities - this is for toddlers more so than babies, bring colouring books & crayons, stickers to play with while on the flight. One thing I know, kids lose interest quickly, especially when having to sit pretty much still in one place for a long period of time, so plenty of little activities like this will make the time go faster and keep them busy.

6: Baby Carrier - because Andi was only 3 months old we found this brilliant for the airport. We had our buggy wrapped in our Stokke buggy bag so it doesn’t get damaged on the flight and that was taken when we checked in our bags. This way your baby will be close to you & at ease and it will mean an easy trip to the airport. The baby carrier we got was Babybjorn One & we are very happy with with it.

Babybjorn Carrier buy here

Stokke Buggy Bag buy here

When we were away I did not have Andi out in the sun at all, she was always under an umbrella and our buggy had an umbrella attached to it too. I did not use any sun factor on her because she was only 3 months old & to be completely honest, I did not want to be putting any of those creams on her. On our 3 year old, I used factor 30 throughout our whole holiday as factor 50 blocks their pores and sometimes causes kids to get heat rash as the skin cannot breath properly. If you do use any factor on your child, make sure you wash them before putting them to sleep at night.

What to bring:

1: Formula - yes you can get it abroad but most of the time even the same brand is still different & the last thing you want to do is upset your baby’s tummy when away (Also there are only two brands of water suitable for boiling it for baby’s bottle which are Evian or Volvic).

2: Calpol/ Nurofen - Incase of a fever/pain

3: Nappy rash powder/cream

4: Liquid antihistamine suitable for infants

5: Thermometer

6: Teething gel

7: Teether rings that are suitable for sterilising. buy here

8: Milton tablets/microwave bags for sterilising bottles (Dr. Browns sterilising bags are big and are suitable to use up to 20times). Dr. Browns Bags buy here

9: Light vests/light gro bag for sleeping

10: Milton wipes

I hope you enjoyed reading this post.

Love E x

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