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Life as a mom of two!

Hi ladies!

I am finally back on my blog and even though it seems like forever since my last blog post, my little girl is only 3 weeks old.

Recently I shared some blog post ideas on my insta stories and the

Adjusting to life as a mom of two’ got the most votes so here I am sharing my story so far.

Like I mentioned above, our precious little princess arrived 3 weeks ago healthy & beautiful and fitted into our lives so perfectly.

Not gonna lie, the first few days were hard, mainly because I was completely exhausted from giving birth but a bit of TLC at home and some well needed rest and I was back up and feeling great on day 4 postpartum.

While I was pregnant this time around, my biggest worry was how our little girl would react to meeting her new baby brother or sister and how she would be after realising that this is for life & he or she is not going anywhere (I’m sure every parent goes through these worries). It’s one thing telling your two and a half year old that there will be this new addition to our family, but once it happens we just don’t know how they will be and how much she will understand.

Throughout my pregnancy, we tried to talk about the baby to her and how she will have a friend for life and how she will play with them and love them forever. Also how she will have to share her toys and things with her sibling. We wanted to make this transition as smooth as possible and maybe because we spoke to her loads about it, she was absolutely brilliant in welcoming her beautiful baby sister.

Andi fitted in to our life’s completely and what I mean by that is our routine for Aidah has not been disturbed in any way, which makes things that bit easier. Things just take that little bit longer now than with just the one but we take that with a calm approach and everything gets done in time. Yes I might still be in my pjs at 1pm on some days but we also manage to make it out of the house at 10am on other days without any stress, it’s all about balance and doing what’s right for us.

Andi has been an angel of a baby so far, just like her big sister was, so hopefully it stays that way.

At the minute, it’s Aidah that needs that bit more attention and any parents that had been through this adjustment of going from one to two kids will know that it’s the older kid that wants all your attention at the most inconvenient times or wants to play a game when you just simply can’t. For me personally, it’s because I’m breastfeeding Andi and that takes longer so I feel bad when I have to tell Aidah that she will have to wait till mama is finished but so far she has been great at understanding, so just hoping that she doesn’t get fed up of this waiting around game & I cope with the guilt.

Another worry on my mind throughout the pregnancy was, will I be able to love another child just as much as I adore my first born. I’m sure some parents, maybe more so mums go through this but some days it used to nearly bring me to tears because I started feeling guilty and this only started happening towards the end of the 9 months but I couldn’t help it and most of the times, I had to snap out of it and realised that everyone has enough room in their hearts to love all the children they have and that I was just being silly. I did try my best to spend as much time with Aidah and have that special one on one time before my due date. The best part is that even though I have less time with just Aidah, we now already have a strong bond between the three of us and just seeing how over protective and loving Aidah is towards her baby sister makes it all that little bit more worth it and special and my heart has more than enough room to love them both. I am super proud to be raising two beautiful healthy girls and I am forever feeling blessed to have them.

Hope you enjoyed this post.

Love E x

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