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Hi guys!

I am finally sitting down to write this post on our new arrivals nursery. Since sharing some snippets on insta stories of what colour and theme we were going for awhile back, I was bombarded with questions.

I laugh as I write 'WE' as my partner had no say in anything, he is so good and so patient with me, he just agreed to it all.

This time is the same as with our first pregnancy, we have no clue whether it's a boy or a girl, so naturally, I decided to do up the nursery a neutral shade. Our little girls room was cream/beige and to be honest, even if we knew we were having a girl, I definitely wouldn't of made it pink. Personally I think blue or pink nurseries are lovely and all that but it's just not my cup of tea. I much prefer going for a more neutral colour theme and then adding an appropriate colour of your baby's gender. That way it's easy to change things around if you get sick of looking at the same old thing and blue or pink walls/decor can get a bit in your face. But everyone is different and that's the nice thing about having your own taste and style in decorating and interiors.

We are so lucky to have all the extra room in our house and we don't have to move our first born to a new room. That was always my only rule to never take anything away from her or make her feel like she's not our number one anymore. When we exchanged her cot into a single bed or took her changing unit, we made sure that she was ready to pass it on to her sibling to be and in exchange got something new, something more exciting & age appropriate.

We have 3 spare rooms so we decided to get rid of the "office" or the room we used to just dump everything into and make it into the nursery.

The first thing we done was paint the walls and I chose two shades of grey. A lighter grey and a darker one for the back wall.

Light grey paint is by Johnstone's called 'Summer Storm' buy here

Dark grey paint is by Woodie's called 'Smoky Shadow' buy here

When the walls were painted, I applied individual star stickers to the dark grey back wall. It took me about a day to do the full wall and that seemed to be everyones question from my insta stories. What kind of wallpaper was it and where did we buy it. The minute I explained it was about 400 individual stars, people weren't so eager to do the same and said that it was way too much effort.

The reason I decided to do this and not to go for a star print wallpaper was simply because I couldn't find a wallpaper that was exactly what I wanted. I searched Pinterest for lots of ideas for this nursery and what I had in my head and how I wanted it to look, a wallpaper was just not gonna cut it.

In the end I was delighted with how the back wall turned out and even though some people thought that I was crazy doing it like that and that it was way too time consuming, to me it was no big deal and I suppose when you really want something to look a certain way, you just do it, plus I had the best little helper giving me a hand with the stickers which made her proud as punch for decorating her baby brother or sisters room.


We are using the cot bed & changing unit that we bought for Aidah. I just decided to freshen up the changing unit a little bit as from daily use it was a little bit scraped at places.

We painted the drawer handles and the top of the unit grey to go with the colour theme of the room.

This has really made a massive difference to this piece of furniture & it just shows that with a little bit of imagination & effort, there is no need to buy new stuff as long as you can make it look new and fresh.

Cot Bed from Bellababy buy similar here

Changing Unit from Bellababy buy similar here

Here are pictures of before and after of the changing unit:

Chest of drawers - are exactly the same as the one we have in Aidah's room, and it's a really good spacious one. Ideal for small clothes and fits so much in it. I also love how perfectly the drawer separators fit in making it so neat inside with all the baby's little bits.

White 'Malm' Chest of drawers from Ikea buy here

Drawer Separators from Ikea buy here

Grey tub chair - again this is the same as the one we have in Aidah's room just in a different colour. It's small ( perfect for a smaller room) comfortable enough to sit in it for awhile and looks good too.

Grey Tub Chair from Amazon buy here


Curtains from Penney's available in most stores

Black out blinds from Ikea buy here

Photo frame from Mamas&Papas buy here in white

Star Photo Frame from Amazon buy here

Star Decoration by Mamas&Papas from Amazon buy here

Star Decoration from Dunnes Stores available in stores

Star shaped cushion from Penney's available in most stores

Star print blanket from Amazon buy here

Grey Fitted Sheets from Amazon buy here

Light Shade from Amazon buy here

Grey Rug from Amazon buy here

Star Print Changing Matt from Bellababy buy similar here

Grey Star Basket from Penney's

Artificial Plant from Ikea buy here

Star Wall Stickers from Amazon buy here

Star Night Light from Amazon buy here

There is still a few items to add to this room but I am pretty happy how it turned out. All we need now is the baby to finally meet us.

Hope you enjoyed this post.

Love E x

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