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Mini Me Haul!

Hi lovelies.

I haven't shared anything in this section of my blog in ages and because I buy a lot more for my little fashionista than I do for myself (I know shocking;) ) but thats just how it goes once you become a mum and especially a mum with a bit of a shopping problem and you see all these cute little outfits, it's very hard to resist. Plus the kids grow so fast. I am so in love with the fact that Aidah is so into clothes and loves dressing up with me as much as I do. At the age of two and a half she is fully able to put a full outfit together, everything colour matched and no crazy ideas. That just makes my heart melt.

Here are some of the bits I have bought for her lately and everything is linked directly from this post if you would like to shop any of them.

I adore the mini girls clothing from River Island. Sizes can definitely be a bit off but they are so gorgeous. buy here

Picked this up in the sale and it's just gorgeous. Ted baker kids clothing is by far my favourite. buy here

Cheap & cheerful and super cute. buy here

Dresses like this are so handy for everyday wear. Light & easy to wear for a busy toddler lifestyle. buy here

Another stunning dress from Ted Baker kids section at Debenhams. Picked this up for Easter Sunday. buy here

These pretty dresses are from Boots and are super cute and cheap. Each €7.50, two for €11 or three for €16 which is unbelievable value for kids clothes and they are pretty good quality for that cost. Other prints still available online and in


Mustard buy here

Who doesn't love converse and especially for kids. They are comfortable yet stylish and look great with almost everything. I always buy them in a couple of colours for Aidah to go with most of her outfits. These white ones are especially great because they are leather and are so easy to keep clean.

Hope you enjoyed this quick mini haul.

Love E & Aidah x

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