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Best hospital bags!

Hi girls!!

This one is definitely for all mummies to be or mummies in general.

A few weeks ago, I was kindly gifted this super generous gift by the lovely Siobhán from (check them out on Instagram here) and at the perfect time, as I only have 8 weeks left till baby no 2 arrives.

With my first, I was definitely still super organised but all I had for my hospital bag was my normal travel suitcase. I had everything thrown in there, all the bits for the baby and everything for myself. Yes thats fine, nothing wrong with bringing your usual suitcase with you, trust me, I have seen women arrive with plastic shopping bags for their hospital stay, everyone is different and each to their own.

When I received these in the post and from the minute I opened the parcel I was super impressed with how they were packaged alone.

When I finally checked them out properly, I couldn't get over how spacious yet compact they are, not to mention, they come in lots of different prints and colours to suit everyones taste & style. I chose the navy dots as I plan on using one of the smaller bags as a nappy bag when the baby arrives and it will go perfectly with our navy buggy.

That's the best part about these bags, yes they are called hospital bags but trust me, if you get them, you will be using them as your travel bags too, nights away, weekend getaways, you name it, these will work for all your needs and that way you are really getting your moneys worth.

All in all, I am so impressed with this brand and it's Irish and it's always nice to support our own.

If you are currently expecting a baby or know someone who is, this would make the perfect gift for yourself or your pregnant wife, sister, friend or relative. It would make a gorgeous baby shower present and it would be something so practical and different to your usual gifts.

Here I am sharing what I have packed in my hospital bags, I am by no means an expert as I am only doing this for the second time but I am happy to share some of my tips & tricks.

Bag for the baby.

For all the bits for the baby, I am using the smaller bag and this is what i have in it.

Four outfits (baby sleep suits) each one is packed in a plastic bag

(3L freezer bags used this time ;)) and each one contains one sleep suit, one vest, a hat, mittens and socks. I find this the best way to pack for the hospital for the baby. Makes it easy to find things especially if it's your partner looking through the bag.

Another bag contains of few extra bits like pink/blue hat (we don't know what we are having), muslin cloths, mittens and an extra vest (incase of any poo explosions).

Two blankets.

Some nappies & wipes

This is how perfectly everything fits in the bag. I especially love the 6 side pockets for all the smaller items so nothing is just thrown in and very easy to find.

Bag for mommy.

I used the mini bag for all my toiletries.

1. Tooth brush & toothpaste

2: Mini shampoo & conditioner

3: Mini shower gel

4: Mini body lotion

5: Mini cleanser & cleansing cloth

6: Hair brush & hair ties

7: Cotton wool pads

8: Breast pads

9: Mini deodorant

10: Nipple cream ( if planning on breastfeeding)

11: Micellar water

12: Maternity pads

Make up bag of a few essentials like lip balm, mascara, tinted moisturiser etc.

This little bag is amazing at how much it fits inside and has little pockets and a zip pocket for all the small items so nothing is thrown in.

The rest is just a few of the items you will need while you are at the hospital and that's whether you can go home the same day or a few days after the baby's arrival.

1: Two night dresses (dark colours recommended)

2: Light robe (hospitals are warm)

3: Socks

4: Dark coloured knickers (think Bridget Jones style :0)

5: Slippers

6: Flip flops (for the shower)

7: Outfit to go home in

8: Phone charger

9: Towel ( dark colour)

10: Nursing bra (if you are planning on breastfeeding)

Thats pretty much everything and all of the above fit perfectly into the big bag that also contains 6 side pockets.

& just like that I have both of my bags packed and waiting for baby's arrival.

I hope you enjoyed this post and if you are expecting a little baby I wish you all the best at this super special and exciting time in your live.

Love E x

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