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Beautiful Nails!

Hi guys!

I am finally getting around to writing this review. If you follow me on Instagram, then you would know that a couple of weeks ago, I was kindly invited for a complimentary nail application by the lovely Lorna at Dazzling Diva Nails Galway. Check them out on Instagram & Facebook.

What caught my interest on this invitation was the brand and technique Lorna used at her salon. SNS Nail brand is only available at this salon in Galway and what's so good about it is, that it's a better option for your nails. There is no glue, no UV lights involved and up to 400 colours to choose from and has exactly your typical gel/acrylic finish, yet a healthy option all around.

I speak from experience as I used to get gel nails applied on a monthly basis that at the end of the day, they ruin your nails. All the chemicals, gels, glue and UV lights will weaken your nails and in this day and age, we are all about the healthy living, if we are all looking after our skin, hair and eat all the food thats good for us, your nails should get the same treatment.

I haven't had anything artificial put on my own nails in about five years as to be honest, I am lucky enough to have really good strong nails, all I use is nail varnish and I enjoy having the flexibility of changing the shade of my nails every couple of days.

My verdict on the service.

Dazzling Diva Nails are located at Baile an Choiste Galway. There is a barbers at the front of the salon and the beauty bar and hairdressers are at the back. Lorna, the owner of this nail salon, was super friendly and welcoming, not to mention very professional. She clearly is very passionate about her job that made my visit so very enjoyable. She also offers all the usual nail applications and to enquire or make an appointment, contact her on this number - 087 714 1659.

My verdict on the brand.

SNS nails consist of dipping powder that does not require UV lights, contains vitamins A, E, D and B5 plus calcium and looks and feels natural and weightless on your own nail. At the time of application, I chose a light pinky/nude shade and was delighted with the result. The whole application took about an hour and once Lorna was finished, they were fully dry with no need to wait for them to set.

Day of application.

Almost two weeks after application.

After removal.

Nail varnish after removal of SNS.

I removed the SNS nails myself after almost two weeks. As you can see in the picture above, there was a significant amount of re-growth. Bare in mind that my nails grow very fast, for somebody else, these nails can last from 3 weeks up to even 6, just depends on your lifestyle, your own nails and how fast they grow.

For removal all I done was cut up a sheet of tin foil in to 10 squares, soaked 10 pieces of cotton wool balls in acetone and applied them directly onto each nail and wrapped them up in tin foil. Left them like that for about 45mins and after that, the product wiped off pretty easily. My nails needed a bit of buffing to smooth them out and to reshape them to my desired length and shape.

To be completely honest with you, they did seem a little bit weaker than they were prior to application which is completely normal. No matter what the brand claims to do, you are still using artificial materials on your natural nails, and you would be foolish to think that it would not affect your nails at all. I do think though it definitely would be the better, healthier option to go for if wanting to get your nails done. Also Lorna did not use any extensions on my nails and the dipping powder was applied to my own natural nail.

This whole application would cost you €30 which includes removal.

SNS extensions are €50 & €40 to refill them.

All in all, I really enjoyed this whole experience. I am pretty impressed with the way SNS nails are applied and how they wear off. Personally I would definitely get them done, maybe for a special occasion or when going on holidays to ensure I have perfect nails at all times. On a daily basis, I prefer my own natural nail, the freedom of changing colour, length and shape whenever I feel like, but for someone that already gets gel nails or acrylic nails, I think this would be a great way to start looking after the health of your nails yet have the same appearance.

I hope you enjoyed this review.

Love E x

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