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Maternity Jeans!

Hi lovelies!

This post is directed at all the expecting Mamas as you can guess from the title of the post. I get a lot of DMs on my Instagram about the maternity jeans I wear so I decided to do a post and link them all.

I personally don't buy any maternity wear as I feel I don't need it as I can get away with just going up a size or two in normal clothes. Jeans are a different story and we all want something stylish, comfortable for our growing bump and good quality to get us through the months of pregnancy. I struggled in my first pregnancy with finding the right style, fit and size for my shape until I tried the maternity jeans from H&M. I loved them all and they were the only jeans that fitted me properly and I was able to get my right size. Quality wise, I think they are pretty good as they lasted me from about 14 weeks in my first pregnancy and are as good as new now in my second pregnancy too. I always buy the over the bump style jeans as I personally find them the most comfortable and I think they are the most flattering if wearing a tight top.

When I'm not pregnant, I always wear size 6/34 in jeans and that's the size I take in all my H&M maternity jeans.

Recently I did buy two pairs of light denim maternity jeans from Newlook that seem to be a really nice fit and a nice stretchy material, my only problem is that they don't do size 6 and now I am left with pulling them up every two minutes and that's not ideal when your jeans start under your chest :/

Here are all the styles I own myself and can genuinely recommend them.

These black skinny jeans are super comfortable, I did cut them at the knees to give that distressed look and make them look a little bit more stylish than your average maternity jeans. buy here

Out of all the maternity jeans I own, these are my favourite. They are more of a jegging style super soft and super comfortable. buy here

These are the grey/black pair I have, they do get a little bit lighter in colour from washing which actually makes them even nicer in my opinion. buy here

These are one of the Newlook Jeans as the other pair is not available online. I do really love them and I would say they are a good buy, the only thing is the size 8 is too big on me but maybe if I stick them in the dryer they will shrink a little bit ;) buy here

Hope this post was helpful for any pregnant ladies :)

Love E x

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