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Petite Beauté Galway

Hi lovelies! Happy Sunday, hope you are all enjoying the weekend, the unexpected snow & staying warm. On Friday I was kindly invited to a beauty salon in Galway city, “Petite Beauté” located at Unit 2 Forster Court. Cynthia, the owner of this gorgeous salon kindly offered me a pregnancy massage as a free treatment and I was over the moon with this offer. I am over half way through my second pregnancy and with a toddler always on the go along a busy lifestyle, I was delighted to get a bit of me time to relax and enjoy a well needed massage. In the past I have had a pregnancy back massage and to be honest, I thought it was a waste of time as when you are pregnant you aren’t allowed to get a proper deep tissue massage and sometimes, when pregnant, maybe that’s all you need. But I had high hopes for this and trust me, I was not disappointed.

What Cynthia did was absolutely amazing and so professional. It was a full body pregnancy massage, literally from my head to my toes and I never felt so relaxed and calm. Even my overly active baby did not kick me once during this treatment which trust me, it proved how relaxed it made me and the baby.

Cynthia used non essential oils on my body for the massage, covered me comfortably with the warmest towels and even offered me a pillow for comfort while I was lying on the treatment bed. The room was dark with candles lit around the place and really chilled out music played quietly during the 1 and a half hour massage. The atmosphere and feel of this salon is so relaxing that I fell in love with it from the minute I stepped inside.

The salon offers lots of amazing treatments from your usual manicures, pedicures, shellac, gel nails, fake tan, etc. All types of massages and brilliant facials. They use 100% natural organic products from a French brand called Phyt’s which really caught my attention as I love anything organic, especially if used on your skin. It was brilliant to see a salon in Galway using different types of products and not your usual ones that every salon offers already. Plus the French really know their stuff about all things skin & beauty. Vita Liberata and Fuschia Make up are just some of the other brands used there too.

This makes this beauty salon an exceptional beauty and relaxation gem that I would highly recommend to check them out. They are offering daily offers every week along with amazing savings on gift vouchers and treatments for the Christmas season. Students get 10% off

For all other information and a full treatment & price list you can find them on the

website - Instagram - petite_beaute_galway Facebook - @petitebeaute17 Or call to make an appointment on 087 168 0140

Make sure to follow them on all social media platforms for posts on offers and other beauty related info.

Hope you enjoyed this little review.

Love E x

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