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Nu Skin Review!

Hi lovelies!

Today I am writing a blog post all about a fantastic beauty and skin brand 'Nu Skin'.

Recently I was kindly sent some product samples from a super business woman that works with this brand. Even though myself and Catherine only know each other through social media, we support each other in what we both do everyday. When she offered her services I jumped on the chance to review the samples that she sells on a daily basis to lots of Irish women.

For those who aren't familiar with this brand, here's a little introduction.

Nu Skin is one of the largest direct selling companies in the world and its products are sold in 52 countries throughout Europe, America and Asia. Founded in 1984 with a commitment to providing quality skin care that features only premium, wholesome ingredients. Its popularity in Ireland is quickly growing due to their astonishing products that we are falling in love with.

Nu Skin remains true to its "all of the good, none of the bad" heritage today, developing innovative products that support the health and longevity of skin and hair.

I reviewed 3 of their best selling products:

1: AP-24 Whitening Fluoride Toothpaste

I used this for about 4 days and I was really impressed, it had a nice minty taste and seemed to be doing what it's supposed to do. With continuous use I think this product would work wonders. The best part is, it's super affordable and in my opinion definitely worth a try.

2: EPOCH Glacial Marine Mud Mask

I am super careful at what I use on my face as I have a very sensitive combination skin that flares up very easily. So when I researched about this mud mask and read up plenty of good reviews, I was interested in trying it. I love a good mud/clay mask for clearing my pores and getting rid of all the impurities, my only problem with most of them is that they get super hard on my face and when removing it with a damp wash cloth I feel like I am getting extra exfoliation that I do not want and it leaves my skin red and irritated. This wasn't the case with this one though. Yes it became hard while I had it on but it came off very easily from my face and left my skin super soft and glowing. This mask gets thumbs up all around from me as it's definitely one of the best I have ever used.

3: Nu Skin Polishing Peel

I was very nervous trying this as I mentioned above my skin is very sensitive and to be honest, I usually hate trying anything new that hasn't been recommended by my skin specialist. Even though this claims to be equivalent to a professional microdermabrasion session, which I used to get done on a regular basis, I still had little doubts.

After one use, I actually was pretty happy with the results it gave my skin. It was glowing, not red or sensitive but to be completely honest, it didn't feel like what it would after a professional peel. Maybe if used once a week or so, this could be a great product to include to my skin regime and it might give a more desired result after constant use.

This is not a bad review of this product, like I said, I only used it once and maybe this would work brilliantly for someone that doesn't have the same concerns about their skin as I do. I am going to try and use this more often and I am confident it will give the results it suppose to after regular use.

All these products can be purchased directly from Catherine. I will leave her Instagram/Facebook links here if you would like to follow her for daily product posts, along with her email address for any questions regarding these products..




Thank you for reading my post.

Love E x

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