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Toddler Holiday Prep!

Hi guys!

On Monday I uploaded a post about my holiday prep so I decided to do one for my little mini me! I am no expert on bringing kids on holiday, I only have one and since she was born we only have been on one sun holiday. Last year everything went so smoothly that I thought I might share some of my tips on packing and traveling with a small child.

My first bit of advice is when booking your flight, look at the different flight times and coordinate them as much as you can with your little ones routine.(I know this is not always an option). I found this super helpful and it made our first trip super easy. What I mean is, try your best not to travel in the middle of the night so you wouldn't have to wake your baby/toddler and drag them to the airport when it's suppose to be their sleepy time. We have planned this holiday the exact same as last years holiday. Our flight is just an hour before her nap time during the day, that way we have enough time to get settled in our seats, let her play with her toys and get used to the plane. When it's her nap time usually we have no problem getting her to sleep so hopefully this time it will work just as well as last time. By the time she wakes, hopefully we won't have long left until we land and we will be able to occupy her with a few distractions like games, snacks, etc.

On arrival to your hotel/apartment, it's good to spend a bit of time getting your little one familiar to the new environment. Let them look around and get to know their new place for the next while. Kids normally know their routine and surroundings so well that it can be scary for them coming to a new place, especially if they still don't fully understand the meaning of a vacation.

The rest will be super exciting for them, holidays is such a happy time for adults so it's even more exciting for kids. Make sure to plan activities and things to do on a daily basis as it's so important to keep busy babies/toddlers occupied, especially in the heat as they can get a little bit cranky.

Packing for a toddler!

I pretty much do the same thing for my girl as I do for myself. I have clothes that are for day time and clothes that are more dressier for the evenings.

Day Time - clothes for her I normally buy from Penneys, Dunnes Stores or H&M. Everything that's light in material and doesn't cost that much as they can get ruined from the high sun factor (turns clothes yellow), faded from the sun or destroyed by sand. Jelly shoes are also brilliant for holidays as they can be worn in water, sand and all you have to do is give them a rinse and they are good as new. I pack her clothes in my own hand luggage as they are all small and easy to pack and don't take up much space.

Evening Attire - for our evening strolls and visits to restaurants, etc. I obviously want to dress her in pretty little dresses as I love nothing more than dressing her up. I will bring enough dresses/outfits for our whole vacation. I make a list of exactly what I need to bring for her and maybe a few extra bits like bodysuits and vests as you can imagine babies and toddlers get dirty or have poo explosions especially while away. Always better to be prepared. Don't forget cardigans as evenings get chilly, a blanket or two for their stroller if they fall asleep whether in the sun or in the evening. Plenty of sun hats and lots of sun cream.

I am just as excited this time as I was last year about bringing her away with us. Holidays have changed so much since having her and all for the better and I wouldn't have it any other way.

Here are few items I have recently bought for Aidah for our holiday.

All items are linked underlined bellow.

Pack of Two Tops from Dunnes Stores

Pack of Two Shorts from Dunnes Stores

Sun Dress from Penneys

Pack of Two Vests from Penneys

Shorts from Penneys

Bow Glitter Sandals from H&M (no link available instore)

Fruit Print Dress by J by Jasper Conran from Debenhams (SALE)

White Crochet Shorts from Next

Pink Shorts from Penneys

Baker by Ted Baker White Shorts from Debenhams (last summer off an outfit)

Floral Swimsuit from Penneys

Polkadot Swimsuit from Amazon

Two Tone Dress from Penneys

Jelly Shoes from Next

Lemon Two Piece from Penneys

Baker by Ted Baker Dress from Debenhams

Baker by Ted Baker Dress from Debenhams (no link)

Baker by Ted Baker Dress from Debenhams

Sandals from River Island

Hope you enjoyed this post.

Love E & Aidah x

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