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Holiday Prep!

Hi guys!

I hope you all had a fab weekend whatever you got up to. Now Monday is here and it's time to tackle this week head on!

My mind has been focused on one thing and one thing only, HOLIDAYS! Can you blame me? The Irish weather is so unpredictable. While we had that mini heat wave and by mini, I mean a day or two for the west of Ireland. I can't lie, it was pretty good while it lasted and I got to top up my tan but now we're back to that mucky wet one minute and sunny the next weather and I am not a fan. If you ask me it's impossible to know what to wear on days like this, it might be glorious out at 9 in the morning but by 12 your looking ridiculous in your white jeans and sandals while the rain is belting on your car window and you have to decide "will I chance getting out of the car or just go home and avoid looking like a wet chicken while doing my errands".

My holidays can't come quick enough, exactly 4 weeks left and believe me I'm counting every minute of it. My favourite part of pre holidays is planning my outfits and this is the perfect time to do a bit of shopping while the sales are on in most stores.

I always split my outfit planning into two categories Day Time & Night Time.

Day Time Outfits - are super easy to plan and I always look at how long we'll be away for and what are my essentials and what I would like to have with me.

Essential items:

Bikinis! - On holidays I like to spend my days lounging around the pool, going for lunch, maybe a stroll to the beach and any other activities that we might want to do with our little girl. A bikini or swimsuit is perfect for under your day time attire. I buy my bikinis every year not spending too much money on them as I feel they get discoloured from the sun, chlorine in the pool or gets ruined from the sand at the beach. Penneys and H&M are my two favourite stores for these items as they are super affordable and really pretty too.

Beach cover ups - are my favourite to bring away with me. The light little dresses/playsuits are perfect for traveling as they don't take up much space in your suitcase, they don't crease and are super easy to throw on top of your swimwear. Choose your colours wisely and that way they will go with most of your bikinis and you only have to bring two or three to alternate throughout your vacation.

Shorts and tops - I normally only bring one pair of denim shorts and maybe another white pair along with a couple of tops. Strapless preferably or with thin straps for days where you might be exploring the area you are in or doing a bit of shopping. These are perfect combos and again don't take up much space in your suitcase. I am all about light traveling or I say this to myself but unfortunately every year without a doubt my suitcase is over weight!

Kimonos - they are so popular right now. These are great for holidays as they look great with everything and if you choose colours that match most of your holiday wardrobe, they will double up as day wear and night wear. #winning

Night Time Outfits - This is my favourite part. I start thinking of outfit ideas well in advance and plan them out exactly how I will wear each one. This way you don't over pack and bring exactly just what you need. This year we are away for 14 nights, that means I will need 14 outfits. I will have a mixture of skirts, shorts and top combos along with dresses and will have them all hanging on a free standing rail so I will be able to see how they will look when I style them and this way I will avoid over shopping for my vacay. I will also choose a pair of heels in a neutral colour that will go with most of my outfits and are comfortable to wear (nothing too high, maybe a block heel) along with a couple different flat sandals/sliders.

Jewellery - I will try and bring just what I need, a couple of necklaces and earrings and off curse try not to over pack and match most pieces with my outfits.

Here are some of my favourite pieces in stores and online right now that caught my eye for holidays!

All items linked underlined bellow.

Yellow Cami Top from River Island

Embroidery Denim Shorts from River Island

Pom Pom Hat from River Island

Gold Sandals from River Island

Ruffle Linnen Playsuit from Zara

Silver Wedges from Zara

Bikini Top from Asos

Bikini Bottoms from Asos

On Vacay Sun Hat from River Island

Beach Cover Up from Boohoo

Floral Dress from Zara

Tan Heels from Zara

Cami Top from River Island

Skirt from River Island

Bird Print Top from River Island

Denim Shorts from River Island

Sunglasses from River Island

Sliders from River Island

Beachwear Two Piece from Boohoo

Stripe Bag from River Island

Playsuit from Zara

Sunglasses from River Island

Beach Bag from River Island

Wedges from River Island

Khaki Dress from River Island

Black Sandals from River Island

Lemon Bag from Zara

Sunglasses from River Island

Black Swimsuit from River Island

Beach Kimono from Boohoo

Pale Blue Skirt from River Island

White Cami from River Island

Pale Blue Bag from Zara

Kimono from River Island

Pink Dress from River Island

Metallic Bag from River Island

Off The Shoulder Dress from Asos

Gold Sliders from Zara

Black Bodysuit from Zara

Printed Shorts from River Island

Wedges from River Island

Sunglasses from River Island

I am by no means an expert on packing or holiday wear, I just thought I would share my little tips and tricks as it might come in handy for some of you.

YMSBLOG TIP: Roll your clothes rather than fold, that way you will avoid creases in your clothes and actually fit more in your suitcase.

Hope you enjoyed reading this post!

Love E x

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