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Hi guys!

Happy Monday!

Out of all the Mondays, I for sure could be having a better one. When I say I, what I mean is my little girl. She's been sick since Friday and any parents out there know how heartbreaking it is to see your little one sick.

This is why I thought of doing this post.

These days our lives are surrounded with so much perfection and a certain way "we should be", whether it's with our career, motherhood or life in general. Social media have these high standards on how everyone should be but unfortunately life isn't like this all of the time. There are highs and there are lows.

Being a mummy for me is definitely my favourite job. I try to be a very optimistic person, even on those days that aren't the easiest, I always think "tomorrow is another day" .

This weekend was very tough but in a way that only other parents can understand. Seeing your child unwell and feeling helpless because there is not much you can do other than give them plenty of cuddles and TLC.

We had been very lucky so far with Aidah as she is rarely sick. This is the second time since she was born and believe me my heart breaks a little every time. Of course I blame myself for her every illness, which I know sounds silly but I'm sure all mothers do this. We all try to do our best for our kids. To teach, to care for them, to love them. So when something like this happens, I feel like I have failed.

This weekend really made me think and see life in a different light. Behind all the lovely photos that we post of our kids on a daily basis, there is reality. There are kids that are sick all of the time and there are parents probably asking themselves what are they doing wrong? Every child and every parent are different and what works for one might not work for others. All I know is that the hard days are rewarded with the best days and the time we have with our kids. All the cuddles, all the silly things they say and make us laugh and makes us proud of raising a wonderful little human.

If you are having a hard day or a tough week with your little one, just remember you are doing the best you can and tomorrow is a new day.

I hope you enjoyed my post.

Love E x

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