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Beauty Favourites

Hi guys!

Happy Tuesday!

Is it just me or does January feel like the most chilled out month ever? It's so nice to actually be able to sit back and relax and not worry about nights out, Christmas parties, buying presents and looking for outfits. I feel like the few weeks before xmas can be extremely hectic for most of us and January is like a Monday of the months. We have a clear mind, new goals, new dreams.

This post is all about my beauty must haves and products that I use everyday. I thought I would share these with you as some of them are real good finds that i swear by.

All items linked underlined below.

1: The Body Shop Cocoa Butter Body Lotion. I use this all of the time, it's my favourite body moisturiser. It's the perfect texture as I'm not a fan of very rich creams, it dries in minutes and the best part, it smells divine. Buy here.

2: Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Cream. These two are my ultimate winter products. I have to have them this time of year as I suffer with really dry hands in the colder months and very dry cuticles. I think this cream is like magic. The protectant cream is the best thing invented, it can treat basically anything. Extremely dry skin, burns, chapped lips, you name it. If you're like me and suffer with dry hands and haven't tried this, then you are missing out. Trust me it is well worth it. Buy here.

3: Forever Aloe Lips. I suffer with quite chapped/dry lips most of the time. I literally had tried every product available and I've spent a lot of money on products that always left me disappointed. Since finding this little gem my lips are soft and never cause any problems for me. It's so affordable and I use it every single day to maintain gorgeous soft lips. Buy here.

4: Jan Marini Face Cleanser. This cleanser is amazing. I really don't know how I lived without it for so long. I have quite good skin but in the past few years I suffered with a few breakouts every now and then. I used to get so upset over a few breakouts as most of the time I would get them when I had somewhere to go like a wedding/party and it used to stress me out so much and make it ten times worse. All that's in the past now thanks to this amazing cleanser. This product is literally my favourite thing in the whole world. I get facials done regularly at the brilliant Galway Laser and Skincare Clinic and that's where I was recommended this product. It's for all skin types and I would highly recommend it. Buy here.

5: Essence Cosmetics Nail Varnishes. These little nail varnishes are brilliant, they only cost about 1€ and come in all gorgeous colours. I always had quite good nails, they grow very fast and are healthy and strong. But I used to hate having to paint them and the nail varnish would chip the next day and that alone was annoying. Since I started using these I don't have this problem, they last ages, dry fairly quickly and are very affordable so what's not to love. Best part you can buy them in Penneys. Buy here.

6: Uniq One Coconut Hair Treatment. I have been using this for years. I think it's brilliant. I have thick to normal hair and I use this on my hair after I wash it and before I blow dry it. It leaves my hair feeling really soft and smelling amazing. You can buy it in most hair salons. Buy here.

7: The Pippa Palette. This is a must have. It has everything you need in terms of eyeshadow, blush, highlight and bronzer. This is the product that can take you from day to night in a few simple steps. I use this without a doubt every single day and definitely couldn't live without it now. The eyeshadow colours are warm tones and easy to blend and the highlight is to die for. Buy here.

8: Urban Decay Perversion Mascara. This is the best mascara ever. I have tried them all. I've spent money on expensive ones and used more affordable ones, but this one is by far the best. It makes your eyelashes thick and long without making them clumpy or flakey the way some other brand mascaras do. It's only 22€ and it last for ages. It also comes in a travel size which is actually not that small and again only 10€, bargain at its best! Buy here.

9: NYX Butter Gloss. This is by far my favourite gloss. These are my two favourite colours, one is called "tiramisu" and the other "creme brûlée". I know they sound delicious. So affordable and really good. Not sticky, long lasting and gorgeous colours, what else do you want from a gloss! Buy here.

10: Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Definer. This little pencil is amazing. The colour I use is "Taupe", which is perfect for anyone that is blonde and doesn't want their brows to look too dark. I wasn't blessed with perfect eyebrows unfortunately or maybe I over plucked them when I was younger. A couple of months ago I started going to Chez Elaines' salon in Galway. I can really see a change in them and I can almost say I love them. I use this brow pencil just to fill them in a little bit when I think I need it. Anastasia Beverly Hills products are amazing, I would highly recommend them whether you have amazing eyebrows and just need something to define them or like me need a little bit more to fill them in. Buy here.

So there's my top 10 products I can't live without.

Hope you enjoyed my post.

Love E x

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