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The Leather Look!

Hi guys!

Im writing this post about an old favourite of mine, LEATHER!

I'm a huge fan and it is one of my favourite looks. The minute the weather is cool enough to wear it, I'm on the look out for new pieces. Whether it is just the classic biker jacket or a pencil skirt, you can never go wrong with leather. It adds an edge to a day time outfit and just a touch of sexiness to any night time attire.

These days there is so much choice in the shops and online. High street stores are amazing for leather look pieces at really affordable prices.

I think everyone now days owns a leather biker jacket, it goes with everything in your wardrobe like jeans, skirts and dresses. It's the perfect go to item. Boots are another way to incorporate leather into your outfits and lets be honest, everyone has leather look shoes.

Whether it is the real thing or just the "leather look", you are guaranteed to be right on point in the style stakes.

I've got 3 different looks on my post today.

1: Leather look mini dress from Zara. Its my favourite store of all time, especially for

leather look pieces.

2: Leather look trousers from H&M. This store is always great for affordable leather

look pieces.

3: Leather look mini from H&M also, which the perfect mini wore casual or dressy.

Leather Look biker jacket from Zara.

Here are a few suggestions that I have included in this post that i love, and are all available in shops and online at the moment.

Jacket from River Island Boots from River Island

Leather Jacket from Zara Biker Trousers from Zara

Boots from River Island Biker Leggings from H&M

Mini Skirt from Zara Mini Skirt from River Island

Leather Gloves from Ted Baker Leather Gloves from Ted Baker

Buckle Boots from River Island Chelsea Boots from H&M

Midi Skirt from Zara Midi Skirt from Zara

Coat from River Island Leggings from River Island

Hope you enjoyed my post and liked the suggestions!

Love E x

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